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Monday, December 16, 2013

Rocked NYC

Our annual pre-Christmas pilgrimage to the high life in NYC went off without a hitch.  Major snow storm blanketing the city made it all the more fun.  Upstate where I live we got 13", which is a lot of snow, period.  Those storms don't come around all that often and are fun when they hit.  Can't wait to see it.

So pull Lucas out of school early on Friday and we hit the Le Parker Meridian on 56th, right off 5th Ave and just a stone's throw from FOA Schwartz.

Lucas and I strode into NYC Friday and left lots of breathless ladies all over Town.

"Ooh I, I love the night life
I got to boogie 
on the disco 'round, 
oh yeah
Oh, I love the night life
I got to boogie on the disco 'round, 
oh yeah

Please don't talk about love tonight
Your sweet talking won't make it right
Love and lies just bring me down
When you've got women all over town"

You'll note a spiderman theme throughout this post.

Selfie across from the Plaza.

730am to Macy's - first in line.  Early bird catches the warm and also doesn't' have to wait in lines.

We role played before so he wouldn't freeze like last year.  I told him to butter Santa up by starting with 'thank you for the presents last year...'

Macy's upper floors are cool, with the wood escalators and bathrooms from the original build.

Then up to Holiday Train Show in the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, where all the historic and landmark buildings of NYC from today and yesteryear are redrafted from all organic matter like moss, twigs, stone, flowers, etc…  The snow was cool.


 Then off on the Metro North south to Grand Central to meet up with his Mom who took the train in from Port Jervis to join us for the (spoiler alert) Lion King.  She road in with an increasingly crowded train with lots of santas, elfs, and other assorted soon to be drunkards and revelers.

Grabbed some lunch at the busy dining concourse - fun to spend a few hours in grand central seeing all the travelers.

To the Lion King.

Sunday to an old Church on 5th Ave for a Children's Christmas Pageant.

Then to the Children's Museum and Science Center on 83rd on the Upper West Side.

They have this playground/tunnel intestines route, ending with this.  Of course, this humor really works for me and Lucas.

And the real grinch paid us a visit while we were there.

And the Parker Meridian, which I enjoyed (though just trying to step on the black squares got old).


He got a new belt (his first one), and a new pair of mittens that fold down so his fingers stick out - he slept in both, next to his Lion King Simba stuffed animal.

The teddy bears name is Cookie.

At Normas.

And the old school barber shop in the lobby.  Lucas wasn't tempted to join his dad in a haircut and trim.

The gloves are still on.

And what I would look like if I was from the Ukraine and was really smart.

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