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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

Ok, Ok - I get it - I haven't posted any Lucas pics lately.  Jeeezzz.  How about giving a busy guy a break?

Lucas and his Amish friend boy in Lancaster PA.

Gap Kids pose.

I've been dying since last winter till the time came to break out this winter's cap.

Eating some bread and saltines after some projectile vomiting.  Thing is, this meal is what he always eats, it's not some special 'upset stomach' meal.  I always say if he ever goes to prison he won't have a big dietary adjustment - he loves his plain bread and water.  Phoenixville PA.

It's a big milestone when these kids start dressing themselves.  it's so unexpected, and then like most growing up milestones, soon forgotten as it is taken for granted.

Lancaster PA - one of the finest places around, and where I was born and bred (and where I starred on the football and baseball field, which were surrounded by farms, breying cows, and the stink of manure).

 Nephew at the restaurant in Bloomsburg PA watching the Auburn Alabama game.

So Thursday morning Lancaster, Thursday night Phoenixville, Saturday Bloomsburg, Sunday Eldred, then Monday up to Saugerties to move my upstate satellite apt from the cool town of Saugerties to the Cool town of New Paltz.

Goodbye Saugerties Apartment.

Hello New Paltz apt.

New wood stove at my home in Eldred NY.

The excavators getting ready to hit it hard this morning after we laid out Barn 9, in Olivebridge NY.

And our favorite cow next door.

And an update money shot of Barn 7.

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