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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toy Giveaway (and Petersheim actually does some work)

Cow joke for Jaime and Jason over at the Barn IX rising in Olivebridge.

The throne.

Toys we are keeping.

Toys we are giving away.

An odd toy that was a real 'on the fence' for Lucas for some reason.

Goodbye Dino Train.


Above, toys that need batteries that we left die because the noise they made was horrid - but it's like $70 of batteries to get them all working again.

Below, protecting his stuffed animals from the giveaway pile.

Cool new play space.

His first type writer for his collection.

 Stuffed animal, cross specie,  love.

In Rhinebeck, personally spreading hay over a future building site so the ground doesn't freeze as we navigate the land purchase, the septic approval and the building dept.  Some old farmer dropped off 15 bales for me and Dave B and I spread them out in a pretty significant snow storm.  I am working with a major publication to collaboratively build a house, and have it ready for May 1.

One word - Yikes.

Rhinebeck, East of the River, is a cool town, founded in 1660 or so.

And a Christmas tree Lucas and I decorated from the girls in Narrowsburg, Anie and Julliette.

The River Gallery in Narrowsburg is always a great place to shop this time of year for great gifts from local talented artists.  To some comfort to me that all small business people are confronted with weird and disconcerting issues all the time, I noticed when searching for the link, the River Gallery's main url has been highjacked by an Adidas reseller.

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