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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Observer Article on Catskill Project

So I'm reading a paper - I read lots of papers, blogs, mags, books, etc… and I come across yet another fun article on home design and building, this time a project in the Catskill using a nuanced play out of our playbook.  Same old thing we do - idyllic, gentlemanly homes that work.

Now, it's safe to assume that the $600k+ marketing we have dropped on NYC metro area in the past 8 years have inspired a lot of people to buy our homes, but it also really gets the blood pumping in some entrepreneurs.  Not quite copy cats, but inspired by what we do, and definitely aimed at the same market, with a time tested narrative of 'my grandfather was a logger', 'unscripted planning', 'tobacco in his teeth as he revs the chainsaw'.  It's so on message it's embarrassing.

So I'm reading this article and the writer is fawning over this guy like they woke up in the same bed or something, and eventually goes on to say this -

"Earnest and soft-spoken, he appeared to be a man with discerning aesthetic judgment and the good sense not to broadcast it too loudly."

Check back in a year or two, and we will see if the low key approach to selling high-priced homes actually works. Like I said, it's remarkable how similar these articles are to the ones I was seeing in 2005/6, and looking back, those articles were about projects that failed -typically not in a dramatic crash and burn scenario - but more in a 'we have no sales and it's draining our bank account and ruining our relationships with our money guy'. The writers are even drawn to the same type of person - Brooklyn hipster designer with a great narrative and zero sales. Or actually not even a house built.

My thoughts- succinctly - price matters, and so does the reach of your voice.

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