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Monday, January 20, 2014

Copy Cat Hell

So, one of the epiphanies I had after the Ecotech screwover by employee, customer, supplier and vendors (all of whom have suffered a combined loss of $200k-$300k when karma bit them in the ass) was that I need to adjust my thinking a little bit - what would save me from a lot of heartache and aggravation is to cease expecting people to behave a certain way, even if that certain way is the right way, the profitable way, the self-serving way, the intelligent way.  I need to just not preset my expectations of how someone, or how something, might transpire, or I am expecting someone to do something a certain way, to behave or react in a logical fashion - I should be equally ready for them not to do that, regardless of how strategically self-defeating it might be.

So, the lesson was to expect the unexpected, hope for but don't expect to be treated kindly, and definitely hope for but don't expect a personal or professional return on most personnel investments (though, like private equity, the investments that do pay off are roundly rewarding and make it worthwhile).

So, when I'm sitting in New Paltz, eating some shitty wings looking through the New Paltz Times and come across a Coldwell Banker Village Green Real Estate advertisement for a 'new old house' in Jewitt NY, for those who 'want an older home but don't want their entire lives caring for it' (lifted directly from our website) and who want 'seclusion without isolation', I really get to put this new approach to practice.

And you know, it works.  If the real estate company I paid over $100k in 2012 wants to encourage builders to 'do what Catskill Farms does', and directly plagiarize our website, and take what we privately divulged to them to help them represent our homes and hand it off to someone else in order to make a buck in grossest way possible, - you know, I'm not going to say I'm not surprised, but I'm going to say that it's perfectly understandable.

And like always, the house is such an interior design abortion that the builder will without a doubt lose his shirt (and get stuck with all that terrible furniture and fireplace knick-knacks).  I've seen this realtor mis-guidance at least 3 times over the last decade, where a naive contractor/builder/investor is encouraged to 'do what Catskill Farms does', 'builds what he builds' - I've never seen it succeed for anyone with any skin in the game, but typically the realtor can earn a few bucks out of selling land and eventually fire selling the property for the poor schmuck builder.  They could have talked to me with how slow our sales were while represented by CBVGR, though I love Joan and her team to death.

See for yourself -

Coldwell Banker Village Green New Old House in Jewitt.  You can tell it isn't selling because the cedar shake is aging, and you can bet the builder-realtor discussions are getting testy.

Take a good look at the interior, and I love those multiple driveway shots.

If only it was that easy…  To get it so wrong when our roadmap is so easy for all to see, really explains why people really struggle when they look for upstate homes, and why they end up with us.

But like I said, no harm no foul - the unseemliness of it just 'is what it is'.

And to come full circle to the beginning of this post - don't be surprised when you are surprised.  That's just how life is.  And you gotta roll with it, dawg.

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