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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Miami Beach and Back, just beating the storm.

I left the day after a snow storm, and returned a day after a snow storm.

5:15 am, from Scranton with Lucas and Marcus, my 10 yr old nephew.

On the frickin freezin commuter plane.  They didn't even warm it up for us.   Take a look at how the early rising is catching up with Lucas.

But then at the swanky Mondrian, pool side.

In the pool too long.  That's my son's toe, not mine.

At the Seaquarium.

Water cannons at the 'shipwreck' at the aquarium.

3-D Walking with Dinosaurs.

My balcony, yacht-side.

Peanut butter and jelly for Marcus, cantaloupe for Lucas.

He was crowding him all week.

Talking to his Mom, next to our towel drying rack.

New Years Eve at the Fountaineblue.

We call this his party shirt.  Actually, he does.

Kid's Party at the Fountaineblue, with freeze dancing, Wii, Playstation, big lego setup and lots of cookies.

Literally made it back a few hours before the airports started closing, avoiding what seemed to be a real travel disaster.  Our flight attendants were literally rushing us on the plane so we could take off from Charlotte and land in Scranton before things got too hairy.

Then back to a new snowstorm that night and next day.

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