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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clarification for Commenter

Per Reader - 

"Chuck. Happy New Year. Wanted to thank you and your clients for improving our property value along the Upper Delaware River. We didn't have to lift a finger since since 2001 you chose the Upper Delaware River valley for your portfolio of houses and your customers followed. Natural beauty with no fracking go hand in hand. Many thanks Chuck. on Hudson Renovation"

The silly thing about this comment is it assumes that because I disagree with all the propaganda, ends justify the means, outright truth distortion of the anti-domestic gas leaders and crowd, that I somehow want an local unregulated, gas drilling free for all.

That's the type of tactic these folks have been using since 2008 to bolster their 'domestic energy means the end of the world' hysteria and if you disagree with us, you are immoral and greedy.

To think that local town boards consisting of mostly retirees and high school grads do not have the tools to intelligently weigh in on an international energy issue - energy, by the way, that we all are using with abandon - is not a revolutionary position to take, regardless if it goes against the knee-jerk crowd-pleasing grain.

I use energy.  I don't see why the environmental degradation and other good and bad impacts should be hidden away from view.  And actually, if they weren't hidden away from view, maybe conservation, instead of hypocrisy would be seen more often.

Someone should commission a study to quantify the new amount of residential solar or geo-thermal being used in NY since the local gas drilling scares started in 2008.  My guess, no measurable jump in orders for these clean energy sources, which is really my point - saying no to energy, but using it like you always did, is just sort of - I don't know - selfish.

Anyways, there aint no gas drilling happening around here, so all the hoopla at this point is money raising scare tactics, which is the way it's been for years.

Although Highland (the town I live in) just got sued by a large land owner, though I think that's more about principle than actually drilling for gas.

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