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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Farm 24, Sold

I don't know who this happened but it looks like I forgot to post this Sold blog about our house up in Woodstock NY.  It's a good one for sure.

1800 sq ft, 6+ acres, about 1 mile to downtown Woodstock.

The mudroom is nothing to sneeze at with salvaged wood, a simple schoolhouse light, a 9 light door and some locally harvested bluestone.  It's the type of area where a whole family can hop around trying to take their boots off without knocking into each other (unless you have a 5 yr old, or someone who acts like a 5 yr old and they purposely hop around and bump into you).

Add in a big strap hinged cross bucked barn door for another fun accent.

A shot from the front door through the house.

From the living room, through the dining room, a 1st floor bath and bedroom on the left.

Nothing fancy but all so functional and good looking, especially with some treasured dishes and the like on the open shelves.


The kitchen seques right out onto the deck and the screened porch.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is this upstairs sitting area.  With lots of light, a solitary radiator and the wide plank floors, it's a comfy spot and I look forward to seeing how they use it.

This piece of land was a real diamond in the rough, and with our ability to navigate a lot of hurdles and roadblocks, we were able to add this awesome home to the Woodstock NY architecture landscape.

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