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Friday, March 14, 2014

Cottage 35 - Narrowsburg - SOLD

Cottage 35 has a real story to tell.  For one, it was a house I built that didn't sell for 2+ years, if not more - which is very rare.  So it lived several iterations - I lived in for 4 months while going through a life transition, and then I rented it out for weekends which was a huge success.  I'm building another rental as soon as possible.  It was a cool 1000 sq ft, 2 bedroom bath and a half home.  It had some pizazz.  It had some views.  It had a breeze that blew down the mountain and in the back door and right out the front.

So, without a buyer while building - which is rare - I was able to let the Petersheim freak flag fly on the design - Note the red roofing panels at the kitchen.  This is also a great example of how great our homes look when we are done with them.  Spotless, cared for, and meticulous.

First floor 1/2 bath, with cedar vertical planking.

Black rads, red panels, early american stain, cable rail, hand hewn beams, wide plank floors and ceilings - security system, low heat alarm, audio wired throughout.

Upstairs foyer.  Stained wood wainscoting.

Big, well windowed bath.

Celebrated a Christmas there with my wingman Lucas and my neighbor and friend Bryan.  Lucas decorated the tree so you'll note a crowd of ornaments down low.  Its was a super comfy house.  Well decorated. Simple.

Training him early.  Work is life.  Life is work.  Better enjoy it.

Ole Cottage 35 - It was a good ride.  You served us well.  Au Revior mon ami.


  1. Hi Chuck.

    Can you tell us more about Narrowsburg?

    Many thanks!

  2. We promise to take great care of her. You and Lucas are welcome to come over anytime and certainly Lucas is more than welcome to break out the snow shovel:)

  3. I had looked at this home with you and it is a beauty. Congrats on selling.

  4. This home is beautiful, congrats on matching it up to lucky owners!