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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Demo Day - Lucas Plays Hookey (and Loves Bikini Bread)

Since I'm sure most people don't read to the end, just a quick tale about how Lucas was telling his mom he now really likes Bikini Bread, which he was confusing with zucchini  bread.  Too much Miami for him I guess.

It's not everyday that we tear down a house - most times we salvage them - but sometimes they are so poorly built and added on to and a mix of hodgepodge over the years
, that it's just better to start from scratch.  Many times when you try to do something like this you also run into zoning issues which prevents you from doing it.

Well, not on this one, so I pulled Lucas out of school for the day, and we drove up to the demo site in Olive NY, just a few miles west of Woodstock.  Cute house, but the Owners know the deficiencies, and they were structural, cosmetic and a host of other issues.  But it did have character (nice euphemism).

Let Lucas run around breaking windows which was pretty cool for him, though the windows won half the battles with the golf club ricocheting off dangerously.

Then take the first ceremonial swipe with the excavator.


There she lies.  Where a family enjoyed their weekends and holidays and raised a son now in college.  RIP.
Cue Next Life Chapter.


  1. The end result will be one of your wonderful creations....love watching hoping I will be in one in the near future...

  2. enjoy watching your wonder creations....hope to have one in the near future....