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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hillside School House article (and cameo from Cottage 45)

NY Post features Bronson and Courtney Bigelow and their 2 room inn in Barryville.  We built Cottage 22 with them back a few years ago and then helped them design and build the old landmark schoolhouse.  If I knew how to copy a picture from my website and repost it, I would do it.  Bronson dropped out of the City rat race and now builds one off furniture pieces for sale.  Few things in the recent past have caught my attention like his furniture has (ok, ok, maybe the bikinis in Miami did, but that's pretty good company).

Hillside Schoolhouse Inn

Bronson's Furniture

Design Sponge

Then over to Cottage 45 today, where Tom and Ben are settling in nicely.

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