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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Art Wall in Miami Beach

So my friend Bryan, who owns Cottage 34, also owns William Bennett Modern, an art gallery.  So I fell for a painting by Chrissy Angliker, a 30 yr old painter from Zurich.

So I had this wall in my pad in Miami Beach, that I knew was going to be an accent of some sort.  And instead salvaged or reclaimed planking I did black high gloss, then set out to find a piece of art to anchor it.

 The real scene.

Chrissy's painting.

My Mao I bought from William Bennett Modern when I first bought the apartment.

And an original Herman Miller Picnic painting - they commissioned 1 a year for 30+ years for their summer picnic.  Some of them are fabulous.

And the big run/walk loop for today (note the run before the walk, subtly (and misleadingly) implying that I did more running than walking).

I hear it's still cold up North.

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