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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Day in My Life

0630am -  New Paltz to Rhinebeck to check in on Country Living's House of the Year we co-designed and built.

0900 - Perc and septic tests on two new pieces of land in Rhinebeck I'm buying.

Lovely stone walls define both entrances.

01100 - Stop by Woodstock home that we are trying to finish up the yard from a home we sold last winter.  Rained on us (i.e., we got hosed and now have to wait till it dries out).

01200 - Olive NY, where the foundation is in and the framing has started.  They don't call me Don't Mess Around Petersheim for nothing.

01230 - Olivebridge NY, where Barn 9 is going well.

And after building the entire house without electric, yesterday was the day!  You would think that is cause for celebration, but really it eliminates a really good go to excuse for us as to why the house isn't finished!!!  No electric all winter wasn't anyone's fault, definitely not Central Hudson who treats us pretty well.   Winter blew in, and with it our hopes of getting the electric underground.

0130 - Then over to the Kerhonkson side of Olivebridge where I just picked up 6 awesome building lots that we are cleaning up.

0300 - Pick up Lucas from his private country school on 85 acres and we headed off to Narrowsburg to meet Norm so we could lay out a driveway and house site for a new piece of land in my pocket.  Note Lucas helping to measure the building lots road frontage.

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