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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nest Property Services Strikes Again

Sure, some of you doubting Thomas' might say I'm only hyping Nest cause they pay me for advertising on my website, but I'd say that has it all backwards.  The only reason they are allowed to advertise on my website and gain a foothold with our 100 families across 4 counties is cause the do it right.

Eric - the owner, and father of 3 girls under 10 - stands behind his word  -you know you aren't going to some befuddled country runaround if you have a problem.

So, he's making a play into lawn and gardening services - a natural expansion from his property management platform.

You know how it is at the end of the winter and everything is so blah blah and the leaves you piled but never gathered are now killing your lawn (see above for real life example) and that momentum you had last fall just isn't there after an ass kicking winter.

So, I call Eric's team, and within a week I had the sharpest, neatest, tightest, leaf free lawn cut property on Crawford Road.  It was a good service, and if you want to go from blah blah look at my crappy property to bling bling look at my styling, I'd call Eric.  He's also segueing into gardening (hopefully with a hottie gardeness doing the designing and overseeing) and a bunch of other niche tasks and chores.

Here's my Neighbor Theresa Pagano (I'm sure her first real mention in a digital fashion, and this blog post will now define her online profile so I better make it good since she has helped raised lil' lucas (who's reading now) since he was just a little babe. ) She also doubles as my site manager when I'm not home and things are happening around the grounds.

I get a lot of 'your neighbor was down' from vendors working on my property - meaning she was pointing out something that wasn't up to snuff or prioritized right.

And Billy cutting down some dead big trees so we can plant some weeping willows.


And the end of the day for me, on my back deck.  It was a little weird - the lawn guys, the tree guys and the cleaning woman (who makes notes to me like '2 expired yogurts' , 'ant season - no food out' and arranges Lucas' stuffed animals animatedly on his bed) were all working on the grounds on the same day and I had to just take a step back and say 'who am I?'

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  1. Hi Chuck! Just want to give a thumbs up for Eric. We haven't used Nest's services for gardening, but he and his team have been great with helping us with issues around the house when we are in NYC...Courtney