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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New York Magazine Covers Sullivan County

Nice feature article about Sullivan County in New York Magazine.  If only instagramesque photos made it so - then life would be good indeed.

Good article, good review of towns.  A little rosy in its upward mobility projection for Sullivan County but hey,  nothing wrong for aiming high for us country folk.  For those of you who don't know, Sullivan County is where Catskill Farms got its start back in 2002 and since then we have built about 90 homes there, and introduced about 90 families to the glories of rural living in Sullivan County.

Catskill Farms got skipped ( though since Rob Christofaro (What Up Rob!) was a 2009 client of ours we kind of got mentioned), but since all roads lead to us for even an amateur web search, it's better to make 'em dig a little and we are sure to directly see any uptick window shopping from this article.

Though if there is one thing I've learned about press and press exposure - the impact is a lot less than one would think, even with a big mention on a big platform.  I used to whore all over town for a mention which never came, and now it's like it's almost better it doesn't happen so I don't have to field all the cursory interest stemming from the article's mention.

So here we are again, reading an article that was written pretty similarly the last time Sullivan County was the next up and coming, hip, tongue in cheek, place to be back in 2006.  I'll tell you something, if this is going to a banner couple of years, we are ready for it for sure.  Don't think any company is better positioned to grab the tiger's tail of renewed real estate enthusiasm then us here at Catskill Farms.

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