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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stone Ridge Farm Final Pics

It's weird how in good design, until the final piece is put together, the final floor is finished, the final paint is applied - how in good design, until the final stroke is brushed on, the house just isn't complete.

I see that in a lot of homes, and this one we are just finishing up in Stone Ridge had the same feeling as we were coming up on the final homestretch.  I would stare at the front of the house and just feel something was missing - I thought shutters, more porch, more something but I just couldn't pick it out, which is rare for me.

And then the window trim got painted a color that complimented the roof and that was it - wallah - wonder no more.  James, our project manager, in house designer and project administrator, and the homeowner Amanda brought it home with this final brush stroke of inspiration (forgive the pun).

The subtlety of design and site execution on this home is important.  The front yard/grade comes up just below the siding, keeping a large home low slung in a way.   The concrete and earth fireplace chimney, the way the deck stays low and slope higher as it goes out of vision.  Neat little porch roof at the front door.

The home is defined by a high open spaced living dining and upstairs landing.  Wood planks ceilings, cable rail, intricate and hand hewn/built stair case.  Dark on Light.

Butcher block countertops and a fun working kitchen.

Lots of light, lots of chimney.

Dueling barn doors on the 2nd floor.

Master bedroom wood stove.

Master bathroom.

Rear entrance with stone to catch the mud.  I believe that a dutch door that the top and bottom open independently - and that's always fun.

Heres the front entrance, with high beaded board - perfect for art and hooks.

This project started with a young family and a fire and concludes with what I'm hoping is a true and meaningful happy ending.

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