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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flyin' - New Home in Olive NY.

Wasn't that long ago that a distressed country home was perched perfectly on this 20 acre slab of land.

As you remember, Lucas took the first ceremony swipe with the excavator (he played hookie just to do it)

Then the big foundation.

Then the house.

you just don't do it any better than that, and I guess that's why people call me Can't Do Better Than That Petersheim.

Here's a link to the Owner's first museum show for her sculptures, titled a Talking Cure.  Typical of our Top of Their Game clients.

And then 'it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt Lucas Petersheim', slipping into the cargo area of my new kayak.  Games ended real quick when I pretended to put the plastic cover over the hole.  Talk about tears and cryin' for his Momma.

Now, just to even things out, the only reason I needed a new kayak is because the tree guys who were cutting trees on my property must had landed one on my old kayak since there were 2 branches stuck through the bottom of the boat.

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