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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nest Property Services

The thing about Eric from Nest is that he's a veteran of customer service, having been on the front lines of a family insurance business for years.  

Let's just say its not common to have someone with that type of sophisticated customer service mindset tackling chores and tasks around the house  - and it doesn't take much time up here (or really anywhere) to look for the nearest bridge when dealing with 'around the house' vendors.

So to have someone like Eric maintaining your grounds, and to have a customer service pro address your concerns and problems, well, its a real breath of fresh air for us folks who appreciate those simple pleasures in life.

For those of you who live in civilized areas, you may take for granted the delight of friendly, intuitive service - but for us up here, we are starved for the tlc one gets when employing a service or ordering a beer.

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