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Monday, June 30, 2014

Updating Website Photos

Nothing says love more than what our homes look like after a few years of homeownership as the landscape personalization takes hold.

720 sq ft Micro home in Barryville.

2400 sq ft home in Narrowsburg NY.  Farm 3.  Built 2003ish.

FARM 1!!!  Narrowsburg.

Barn 3.  Barryville NY.

Barn 6 Saugerties NY.

Micro, Barryville NY.

Arts and Crafts 3.  A total winner in Barryville NY.

Cottage 22.

Cottage 19, Barryville NY.

Cottage 13 Barryville NY.

Farm 12, Barryville NY.

Cottage 34, Narrowsburg, NY.

Farm 11, Narrowsburg NY

Farm 19, Narrowsburg NY

Cottage 14, Barryville NY.

Cottage 7, Barryville NY.

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