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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Client Moves On - and Happy 4th

We have a lot of families from the NYC area in our homes now - over 100 over 12 years.  We win some, we lose some, we forge long lasting relationships.

Our folks over at Barn 3 decided to give up the fast life of NYC where they had carved out a successful little life with kids and wife and extended family near.  And then an interesting opportunity in the mid-west close to where they grew up presented itself and the another pivot in the life path.

But not before a note crafted on the last night in his upstate home that he, his wife and his 2 daughters made some memories - I can picture him by dim light with ink quill crafting this fine thank you and adieu.  And believe me his experience with us was not perfect, but the whole idea and appreciation of the way fortune has shined its bright light his way was fully realized.


Last weekend was our last weekend in Barn 3. As you know my work is taking us away from the east coast so we are going to have to part with it. After spent the past the past ten years growing a family and making friends on the east coast the move is far from easy.  Our friends will always be there and we will see them often and we will make new ones.  Our condo in Hoboken won't cause us to shed any tears. I feel like it's a really expensive box.  But we will miss our regular weekend trips to the 'Cottage' as the kids call it. By far the hardest thing about leaving for the family is saying goodbye to Barn 3.  The holidays, birthdays, friend visits, skiing lessons, refuse from hurricanes, and ...you get the picture as I could go on. The cottage gave us a family life outside the rat race, it's where we have some of best memories and seemed more like home then where we lived during the week.  

I wanted to thank you and your crew (special shout out to JK) for always being there (even in a hurricane..) if we needed help, had questions or needed a sanity check. It was nice to deal with a professional (btw it's hard to find a pro down here either!). You even got us hooked up w Eric at Nest and it's like we are dealing w CFs he is so good.  In the end what you do is not just building a home but building memories.  And not memories of fixing something that is broke at my retreat every weekend because I bought an old house but memories of going out and 'doing stuff' in nature. 

Thanks for everything and stay in touch. I know if we ever build a home again I may need to leverage your architecture and design services from afar.

Take care

P.S. I see your mailbox is still there so I guess I owe you twenty bucks. And before we drive out of town I made sure my wheels were on extra tight.

Happy 4th to All 

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