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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hudson River River Front Renovation

We've done some pretty awesome renovations - design and build - and they all turn out pretty snazzy.  We had the DIY channel project over on Happy Avenue by the old Woodstock site, we did the Saugerties Loft, we did the Barryville Schoolhouse conversion, we did our office here from dilapidated school bus repair garage to swanky Catskill Farms International offices.  We did the home I live in, as well the home I lived in before that and at least a half dozen other cool remodels.

This house was as near to a tear down as one gets without actually tearing it down.  A lot of times on small plots of land, tear downs aren't feasible because the new septic system (as opposed to the one being grandfathered in with a renovation) wouldn't fit under modern rules.

A tremendous exercise of capturing opportunities during planning, and then during construction.

The large patio used to be a pool before the current owners lived here.

Cedar siding, vertical and clear coated.
Cedar-wrapped deck posts, with cable rail.
Wide stair cases.
Cultured stone.
Multiple hammock locations.

Nothing but style, glass and Hudson River.

Rough cut wrapped beams.
Salvaged wood on the kitchen island.
Efficient wood stove.

Nice wide stair cases. I hate narrow staircases.

All River All the Time.

This is the 4th project we've finished in the last 4 weeks.  Not easy, but all looking good in our ever expanding portfolio of awesomeness.

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