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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Neighbor, A Wedding and a Compliment

Behind my home and property, across my pond, through my woods, I designed, built and sold a house to David and Pedro bank in 2008 or so.  It's Cottage 23, so right in about that time of Cottage 21, 22, and 24.  

Our homes are important to their Owners - generally - but a decision to get married there really articulates the affection well.  And it's a true compliment not just the fact that they wanted to get married at their little cottage in the woods, but that they invited me and my son.

They live on Catskill Farms Drive.

So we got gussied up ...

Walked past the old stone barn foundation remnants...

 To their 8 acre spread.  A little Tiffany's Box.  Pedro spent most of the week pressure washing and cleaning and trimming the grounds.

Rain threatened all day and the clouds circled, and it was a bit southernly humid, so we were resting on the porch.

David is some fancy smancy (like many of our clients) broadway music legend so we were treated to not only a professional 3 piece orchestra pre-wedding, but a lot of who's who's of Broadway, which left me at a distinct advantage since I didn't know any names thus failed repeatedly to be impressed by that person or another.  Good old fashioned country ignorance.  Charming in a way, unless taken too far, which it always is.

Pedro's an architect.

Pianist accompanying the cellos, inside the Home.

The First Dance with an 11 piece swing band played/filtered over an instagram-like old fashion slightly scratchy radio microphone.

And that's that.  Our homes have provided a palette for many life events over the last 12 years - some large, some small - it's an extraordinary place to be, to be very aware of the layered fabric of life that happens inside our homes each and every day, homes that are fixed and creative as life blurs and speeds along.  A jumping off point, for a weekend, or a lifestyle or a retirement.

About 30% of my clients are same sex, and it was interesting to take Lucas to his first wedding, where even in his young mind a marriage was subtly somehow between a man and a woman - but, you know what - truth be told -  I think he was just fine with it.  Probably a little confusing, but nothing that little man couldn't handle.

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