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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bronson Bigelow Furniture

With the Country Living magazine coming out and the increased web traffic that is sure to follow, I thought I'd give a shout out to a furniture maker whose creations decorate many a Catskill Farms home - you might live too far away for us to build you a home, but you can always furnish yours with something a little easier to ship than one of our homes.

He's got a good story of dropping out of the corporate law partner track, selling his Tribeca loft, convincing his wife he should buy an old church and become an inn keeper (positioning that agreeably attests to the his lawyer talents he left behind).  We built their house back a few years ago and then helped out with the lovingly restored Schoolhouse project.

Their home.

Bronson Bigelow's furniture: http://hillsideschoolhouse.com/shop/

Handsome guy, though I think he needs some tattoo ink on his forearms or something.

His furniture centers around creative reuses and repurposing of familiar pieces.

Factory cart coffee table above -

Repurposed metal ice box below -

Display case.

Red Stripe Side table.

Schoolhouse Beam Coffee Table.

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