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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Like Father Like Son

Lucas got a little muddy while washing the car.

Then I got a golf cart stuck at a high falutin' charity even my Bank invited me too.  Sure, the wetland drainage area looked soggy, but my normally staid accountant who was sitting next me stepped out of character and shouted 'No guts No glory'.  Didn't take long to get stuck, and splash ourselves with mud while trying to quickly extricate ourselves from 5" of mud.

The golf carts had some cool gps tracking and tv screen on board, so my Banker Hosts hardly had time to act like they didn't know us before 5 guys, including the course pro, came flying down the hill in 2 carts to 'give us a hand'.  Impressively, while they didn't have many courtesies to extend to us, not one said an impolite word.

Luckily, it was a charity event, so all was forgiven quickly, though I did make the Accountant do the 'drive of shame' and take the cart back at the end of the round.

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