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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Returned Home - Lisbon, Heathrow, Philly, Eldred.

So while the Portugal banks were collapsing (so 2011) we had a fine time in Lisbon, Porto, and then the hot dry wine country of the Douro Valley.

Wisdom duly imparted to young Lucas.

Part of our "Homeless Child" series we started in DC.

Pano of the Casa de Levada area, which entailed a 25 km james bond like hair pin mountain side road route.

Part of our "Shadow Series".

Part of the reason of my visit was to take some drawing classes being offered by Dale Emmert of NYC/Honesdale/DVAA.  She did a little 2 week long artist colony type of thing on top of hill in a very ancient town of subsistence one cow farmers.

Like I tell Lucas, "mess with the bull…"

The Aquapura Doura Valley hotel estate.

 The Last Dinner.

 Lucas says his quiet adieu on the elevator ride down up to check out.

And nothing smoothes the reentry back to the crazed world of self-employment like a good first class British Airways cabin,

and a post sea bass meal of white chocolate croissant pudding, fresh fruit, a 2004 Chateau Haut-Bergey, and of course some Mozart and some neglected email catchup.

The Country Living House of the Year issue is out.  Heard it's good looking.  More on that next.

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