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Friday, September 12, 2014

Home Picture Updates

As I mentioned prior, I'm trying to update all my pics from previous homes from years gone by now that the respective homeowners have moved and shown the homes some love for a few years.

Cottage 47, Narrowsburg NY. c. 2014

Mini Barn 1, Barryville NY, c. 2013

Arts and Crafts II, Barryville, NY c. 2013

Micro Cottage 3, Barryville NY, c 2010 +/-

Barn 2, Barryville, NY c. 2010

Farm 12, Barryville NY, 2011

Ranch 2, Barryville NY, c. 2010

Barn V, Narrowsburg, NY c. 2012

My house, Barryville NY c.1870 originally, updated 2008.

Cottage 18, Barryville NY c. 2009.

Cottage 23, Barryville NY, c. 2010.

Jeff Lake renovation, Jeffersonville NY c. 2005

Old School Baby.

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