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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hudson Valley is Hot (and our latest editorial shoutout)

NY Post covers the Hudson Valley in an interesting way - I like the fact that Dan the writer tried to act like the newbies over at Hudson Woods had anywhere near the hard earned experience that make our clients' life a breeze, but he knew - deep down, with his great editorial discretion,-who the big boys are up here.

"For Hudson Valley buyers seeking more flexibility in terms of design, location and cost, builder Catskill Farms offers a wide range of turnkey options." (umm, yeah, give me the guy who offers less flexibility in terms of design, location and cost- I love the understated humor here).

Let me annoyingly count the ways we are different from our article-sharer.

100 homes vs 1.

$67,000,000 invested in the Catskills vs. $1,000,000 (of someone else's money).

Areas we build include Barryville, Narrowsburg, Olivebridge, Kerhonkson, Shokan, Woodstock, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, Redhook vs. Kerhonkson.

Price points generally under $500k, many times under $400k, often under $300k vs. $700k+.

I could go on with whats wrong with their business plan - and I am in a way an expert in these things, but since I've matured and grown as a person these last few years, I will refrain (and thus save me some regret embarrassment but at the same lower my readership/view count - people love to watch/read my off the cuff scotch fueled train wreck writings for sure).

There are a few truisms about upstate real estate, and the first is price.  Overprice your product and miss the homebuyer market - snazzy expensive marketing is no substitution for value.  And west of the river, we find that value equates to homes priced between $300k-$500k.  That's a truism many 'developers' have tried to ignore over the years as their project costs soar.

Also, don't miss our friends Courtney and Bronson's Barryville Schoolhouse Inn in a fun and informative VOGUE (yes Vogue!) article just out - Weekend Guide to Upstate NY.

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