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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jeff Bank No Closing Cost Mortgage

Jeff Bank has been financing my homes since the very beginning back in 2002, when they gave me $100k when I needed $400k.  Since then- deal by deal, county by county, house by house - they have stuck with us and helped us grow.  Even during the Great Recession when banks were pulling the rug out from under their good clients who did nothing wrong and never missed a payment, Jeff Bank's been giving us the juice we needed to keep growing.  Next year they will have installed their 3rd president since I've been working with them and it's a real marker of our steadiness and progress, like counting the keys in our keybox, or going into our storage closet where the 'sales closing' binders have taken over a lot of space.

Since they are a smallish community bank who makes money the old-fashioned way - they make loans and profit from the interest, rather than selling the mortgages after originating the loans - their interest rates aren't the lowest around but they can get it done where others fear to tread.

That said, they are currently offering a no closing cost loan for residential mortgages.  For those of you good with a spreadsheet, saving $10k on mortgage tax, title, etc... very quickly makes the bank competitive, plus leaves all that cash in your pocket for furniture. appliances, etc...   This isn't one of those schemes where they add the costs onto the loan - they are paying for the costs - the costs are erased away.

Very few people who take out mortgage loans hold them anywhere close to 30 years, so comparing 30 yr notes and rates is misleading at best.  I just bought a satellite home/office in New Paltz and did a 7 yr ARM and no matter how I look at it, the lack of painful closing costs was just an awesome way to end a real estate deal.

Call George Kinne at Jeff Bank - 845-4382-4000.  He can refer you to the right department and people.


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