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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Ex Corrects

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It takes a big man to be able to take constructive criticism from an Ex - but what the hay, why not?

She Kindly Writes-

"i know you may not want my opinion but i think your latest blog post doesn't read very well.

especially for me the part about lucas being confused by two men marrying, as he and i have talked about what makes a family and what marriage is.
and what his understanding is that it is simply two people who love each other and want to be a family and a family can look many different ways.

ms. two cents"

The last thing I intended by my somewhat late in the evening blog post was any disrespect to anyone and I think her sentiments are right on.  That said, while long chats by the bedside may prep little old Lucas for a wide breadth of perspective, joining me for an evening and seeing what love can be will go a long way in helping him put the pieces together.

I mean, somewhere he was of the soft and unformed idea that a marriage is a boy and a girl (he's got a favorite Natalie in his school) and now he knows better.  I don't think that process was automatic and it's fun to expose him to such without giving it any undo emphasis.

It tis what it tis.  No one likes a love story more than me, that's for sure.

On the same token, if you write for 8 years and produce 800 blog posts, you never are going to get the tone right all the time - though my rants seem to be drone-like with precision.  We don't have a pr vetting process for my writings, and sometimes the writing can be a little spot on or spot off, but articulate nevertheless - Christ, Fritz over at the River Reporter changes the adjectives and sentence structure of my letters to the editor - not because they are poorly written, but because they are too easy to understand.  Just last week he changed 'eye popping swarm of cars' to 'a high volume of cars" - to a writer, that's almost fighting words, but I get it, he's just jealous that I write better than him.

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