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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fan Mail

I get a lot of email from folks who are inspired by what we do, and like to share their stories.  It probably goes a long way to allowing me to remain contrarian in the face of so much peer pressure to conform (mostly from self-described liberals) - I'm constantly getting quiet reinforcement from folks around the country and in a way, it's my life blood as we take risks, intellectual and business.

"I am an older artist lived in Eugene, Oregon since 1968, went to high school in New Paltz class of 65, dad taught art at SUNY...he build home there...I am a westerner...anytime you want to vacation here and build new west cabins, I'm ready [ha]....I hand built my own tiny one woman cabin on  Oregon coast many years with a handsaw and a hammer, left over materials from a job site...lived there a year and a half, lots of chopped wood, collected rain water [no electric or plumbed water to site] Thank you for your beautiful work! May your homes last a hundred years and more and be passed on to many happy owners. Gotta go look at property here now and find local builder..Then I'll order plans!"

Good for her - right?

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