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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reposted articles from Time Magazine's 39-page Special Report The Smarter Home (July 7/July 14, 2014)

Home Smart Home; The dwellings of the future will make you calmer, safer, richer and healthier. And they already exist.

1. The smart home is conscious 
adj. aware of your wants and needs

This Startup is Trying to Create—and Control—the Internet of Your Home by Sam Frizell

Which Company will Control Your Home? by Harry McCracken

2. The smart home is adaptable 
adj. able to adjust to every condition

Nest CEO Tony Fadell on The Future of the Smart Home by Matt Vella

Gadgets At a Glance by Noah Rayman

3. The smart home is human 
adj. sensitive to your situation

Meet the Regular People Living in America’s Smartest Homes

4. The smart home is efficien
adj. operating with little or no waste

Is This America’s Smartest City? by Bryan Walsh

5. The smart home is beautiful 
adj. delighting the senses and mind

This Floating City May Be The Future of Coastal Living by Noah Rayman

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