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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Elements of our Homes

First, the Folks over at the Big Barn sprung for Lucas' Ninja Turtle custom, and I had a last minute 'ski bum' inspiration that killed a bunch of stones with one whirl - I was thinking about a ski bunny, but couldn't find lucas' go-to bunny ears.

Ghoulish ghosts up in New Paltz.  They were all drinking bloody mary's which I thought was a nice touch.

I'm down in Miami Beach, and since I rented my Miami Beach pad over the summer to such a reliable and nice person, I airb-n-b'ed it - swanky loft below 5th.  I can pass along the info if anyone wants it - I'm pleased.

Went to the Dive Shop for some updated snorkel gear and came across these James Bond shark spear guns.  Lucas and I are making a run at watching all the Bond films, and we are always so exasperated at all the kissin' all the time.  But enough action to make up for it, and definitely some good underwater fight scenes.

Our Elements are Who we Are.  Nothing too over the top snazzy but good stuff.

Dutch door hardware -

Square chipped bluestone, salvaged accent wall and a radiator.

Cable rail and stained post treatment.

 Stand Alone soaking tub for of our Princesses Out There.

School House light against a salvaged ceiling.

Salvaged Accent Wall.

We call this our 'horse rail'.   It's a good look, and can keep the costs down on some larger decks.

Beaded Board Ceiling.

3 Leaves From New Owners and Their Child on Their First Weekend.  I'm telling ya - there's lots of love out there for these homes and lifestyles they provide.

Hand hewn with staked bluestone ledgestone.

White spindle, black rail.

Screened porches are all the rage.

Cool Ass outdoor shower with stained beaded ceiling, metal panels and exposed copper piping.

A nice interior shot of Farm 28.

 James getting jiggy with his composition.

Good Stuff.  No one is doing it better.  Especially at our prices.

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