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Monday, December 22, 2014

Another NYC Christmas Weekend

57th Street, Friday Night, on the Way to FOA Schwartz.

Checking in at the Le Parker Meridian - cost me an extra $10 for the bell man to accommodate Lucas on the trip up the 36th floor.

Up at 6:30, to Macy's Santa Land by 7:30.  12th in line to see Santa.

Lucas has for 3 years pulled the same trick of getting very quiet and speaking in a voice you can barely hear while talking with Santa.  We always role play the night before a few times to cut down the chances of performance anxiety.

Then the first customer of the day over a Build a Bear, where we built a batman bear which we named BatBear.

Then a nap before noon before heading out to see Matilda - spoiler alert - NOT A SHOW FOR KIDS, even though in all the ads there are kids everywhere.  Poor lucas - mean parents, mean headmaster, mean people - really put a wrench in his general world understanding.

Our in-room lego assembly area.

And then a $36 super awesome room service sundae.

Breakfast with Tiffany's gingerbread display in the lobby.




Before Church choir.

He 'lost' that tie before Sat. church choir singing even began.

Pool deck, 42 floor.

Our Home (no, the tree wasn't installed crooked, the tree has a crink in it's truck half way up).

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