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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Homes, Our Clients

A Saturday Before Christmas Dinner Party attended by folks from Cottage 23, Cottage 22, Cottage 14, Ranch 10, Cottage 46, Farm 27, and Cottage 34.  Lots O Love, my friends, Lots O Love. White glove catering by Early Bird Cookery.

Farm 32. 1550 sq ft, Olivebridge NY Area.  For Sale.

Farm 30, Olivebridge area.  Set to close in February.

Mini Barn, Narrowsburg.  Set to close in January.

Farm 26, Narrowsburg, NY.   Set to close in January.

Ranch 10.  Just Getting Started.  Narrowsburg NY.

Farm 31.  Olivebridge Area.  For Sale.

And a Christmas Day message from some anonymous person (I'm one of the few people who will always sign my name).

"Let me get this straight. Every New Yorker against fracking is a NIMBY? 

The hate in you is strong. You're suffering from a serious case of borderline personality disorder on a scale rarely seen in a functioning member of society.

I'll rest well knowing you lost, and we won!

Happy New Year. "

Couple of thoughts on the above - if you are using natural gas or shale oil (which we all are in abundance), but opposed to its local production that is happening all across the country, that's called NImbyism.  There is no other term for it.  One doesn't have to be offended by the term.

Regarding the personality disorder, I would say it is not borderline  - its what makes me special and creative (lol) - .  And I would say this Christmas day message is as hateful as anything I write (always signed).

And 'you' didn't win anything.  America is energy independent - a thought completely unfathomable just 8 years ago- because of shale oil and gas, creating a completely new world order where the US is not beholden to the crazos in the Middle East.  Not to be circular here, but to miss the reality that shale gas - with all it's admitted challenges - is happening everywhere, is really to be mis-informed to a eye-popping extent.

Let me summarize - using american produced shale oil and gas, while opposing its production locally, or even regionally, is called nimbyism.  Not understanding that shale oil and gas is being successfully extracted everywhere in this country, including states with strong regulatory and environmental like California, is called 'stupid'.  

So the only thing 'won', is the battle to keep the production (not the use, mind you) out of your back yard, since it is happening all across the country to the benefit of tens of millions of consumers and workers.  And it happened while the fractivists were busy in their NY bubble of protest.

Newest Upstater Blog Post - A Holiday Full of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, .... and Home.    (granted, might have had one too many while penning this love letter to life)

Have a great Holiday.  I know quite a few people are spending 10 solid days at their Catskill Farms country house, which is always the greatest compliment that we can receive.

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  1. Absolutely loving your work! You are making me seriously covet a Catskills Farms home.