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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ranch 9, Narrowsburg NY - SOLD

4 people bought this house. 2 sisters, a friend from college, and a boyfriend of one.  We heard a lot about people who want to buy as a group, but we haven't ever seen it before.  These new media folks brought the modern touch to this 1800 sq ft home.

It's really a house about the small touches splashed on a monochromatic palette.

Greenish door with Early American stained beadboard on the ceiling.

Shale stone chimney chase, black mantel, and 12x20 tile with gray grout. Jacobean stain on 1x12 yellow pine.

Ikea kitchen, flashy range tile.

Single light door going out to the screened porch.

Front door, modern barn door, and bench with grills.

Galvanized exposed duct.

Money shot.

This is a good muscular angular shot that captures all the glory.

Good design for the exposed duct.  No panel door.  Lever handles.

Legless sink.

Reverse money shot.

Cool ass ground floor build out with concrete floors and movie screen.

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