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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Solar at Catskill Farms

So, we went solar at Catskill Farms.  Seemed like the thing to do.  We use a lot of juice and after last winter, it seemed the payback will be pretty quick.  Cost $49k, and with all the state and federal rebates I think it cost us $20k and that can be used as 'accelerated depreciation' in the first year and I'm C Corp, so it cost, netted out, around $12k (of course the cash flow demands were greater).  The net $12k is like a 3 year payback.

Also contributed another piece to the the Upstater - "Sustainable Progress, ...".  They are so good to me over there.

Our panels.

The schematic.

The metrics.  Its fun to see that I've generated enough electricity to operate a tv for 426 days, a passenger car for half a year, or 11 computers for a year.  I've also 'saved' .4 acre of trees and offset 2.02 metric tons of carbon.  It's pretty cool, I'm glad I did it.

 Interestingly though, I still wouldn't recommend it to my clients since their energy bills are so dog gone low it's a tough return on investment proposition.

(I hate to publicize these improvement because I'm sure Eric from Nest Property Services will be calling tomorrow with insurance increase 'suggestions')

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