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Saturday, January 17, 2015

5 degrees, HGTV, Clients Meetings and Design (and grandpa woodstock)

Some people live lives of quiet desperation but it ain't me babe.  It ain't me by a long shot.

Let me set the stage - 5:30pm Sat Eve almost dark at my place in New Paltz, Johnny Cash Pandora Stream in the background, some Brooklyn Lager Winter Ale in the belly and I just keyed a car who rudely blocked my driveway.

Here's the original Grandpa Woodstock (google him, I did) I picked up hitch-hiking today on my way home from my Saugerties home site meeting.  It's 19 degrees and I see this guy.  Gave him a lift to Woodstock 6 miles up the road.

5 degrees this morning.  A high of 19.  Lots going on. We are not bullied by the weather.  Though to counter this irrational exuberance it does seem that every beer I drink and every french fry I eat goes directly to my man breasts.

HGTV scouted us, recruited us, and filmed over the last 48 hours.  Here they are diggin' it with the future owners of Farm 34, in Saugerties NY.  The film crew was cold.

No heat in the house so we did it old skool.  One person lost the faux fir collar on her jacket cause she got to close.

Farm 34 at 8 am.

Farm 34 at 11 am before the site meeting.

Farm 30 in Olivebridge last weekend.

Woodstock tear down and build up Farm house.


Courtney and Bronson's new garage.  They helped us out with the HGTV stuff by elevating our coolness ratio by a factor of 3 at least.  

Lucas at the dentist with his lead jacket on.

Building his modular marble thing with our neighbor Theresa.

Lucas and his Mom at me offices.  Lucas with his upturned collar and sweater vest for the filming.

And lot 4 at our land in Saugerties.  

Steve was over at Ranch 10 doing that client walk-thru.

So, it's 5 degrees, It's Saturday and we are laying out a new house with the excavator in the snow above, doing two client meetings, and filming a Pilot.  All before Noon.  The Military's bragging about what they do before 9am got nothing on us.

kickin' it in the Catskills.

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