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Thursday, January 22, 2015

NY Times Covers Sullivan

Deja Vu Baby, Deja Vu.  It's like I went to Kansas and came back, and everyone is talking about the same things they were in 2005-2007.

Wide Open Acres

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  1. FYI.

    A New York Times article about Narrowsburg. This chestnut was written about three years before The Great Recession in 2005.


    The saying goes that the "second home market" is the first to feel the hit during a recession such as 2008 to 2010 -- where prices plunged from 20 to 30% from its heights in mid 2006 -- and it's the last market to come back due to it being discretionary in nature.

    All markets go up and they do go down.

    Prices, as well as trends, will fluctuate.

    Jaye P. Morgan