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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Woodstock Tear down and Rebuild - Before and After

We started this tear down rebuild last May or so, and the Owners moved in on the coldest windiest day of the year.

It's a 3200 sq ft 3 bedroom 3.5 bath home that replaced a neat little bungalow that the Owners had lived in for the last 15 years on weekends.  The house was cute, but had few other redeeming structural qualities.

The Owners are old-time loft owners in the Chelsea area, probably part of the crowd that's seen the most extreme changes in NYC over the last 35 years.  The wife part of the team is a sculptor, thus brought a real vision to the job.

Above is the entrance and mudroom.

It's interesting how among people who have owned homes or country homes before, many of them opt for the heat producing wood stove vs. the glamour of the fireplace.

Dining Room below.

Hallway to laundry, bath and bedroom.


Powder Room.

Mudroom to up the stairs.

Couple of bedrooms.  The whole house is like a palette for the art that will be hung.  Even track lighting specially located to accentuate it.

A great tile design and install.

Screened porch.

Going up...  Look at that sky.  For those of you around NYC on 9/11, it's hard not to call that a '9/11 Sky'.

And what was is no more.

Then I took Lucas out of school for the day for some on the job demo training, breaking windows and  using the excavator.  He said it 'was the best job ever.'  I reminded him that it was his only job ever too.

Good Stuff All Around.

Currently building -
2 in Rhinebeck.
3 in Saugerties.
2 in Kerhonkson.
2 in Olivebridge.
1 in Narrowsburg.

Waiting for Spring to begin -
2 in Sullivan
2 in Saugerties
1 in Hudson.
1 in Red Hook
2 in Kerhonkson.

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