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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 Counties.

Another month at Farm 33 in Dutchess Cty.

Farm 32 in Ulster should be in contract shortly.
Farm 31 in Ulster Cty should be looking good for a Spring sale.
Sullivan Cty end of season.
Ranch in Narrowsburg.
Cottage 46.
Farm 27.
A Barnlight Electric light.
My Neighbor and Son.
8am, Ellenville.  The Kid has never seen a grocery cart bus he didn't love.
Helping the Tile Guy in Ulster Cty.
Farm 31 Salvaged wood mudroom.
Farm 30 Ulster Cty, just closed on it last Thursday.
A friend from Italy was touring the USA on motobike.
Real life Sponge Bob.
I bought some Von Zipper shades and when I was checking out they asked
'do you want to add this hat?  It's a big foam hat with a too big brim that says
 'It's 5:00 somewhere.'  Little bit of buyers remorse.
Craft Room shelving at Farm 33 in Dutchess Cty.

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