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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hennings No More

Well, hate to be a jerk and dance on someones grave (and some may say that this victory dance may signal some sort of character flaw which I will heartily embrace in this instance), but nothing gives me an extra jolt of pleasure than seeing Henning's Local Restaurant sign disappear from the landscape after 2 years.

I've been at this business building thing for 12 years now, been screwed by a fair amount of people, but for some reasons Henning Nordanger's manipulation of my generosity and then the poaching of my #1 guy to help him at his new enterprise, really wedged deep in my crawl.  I think the growth of Catskill Farms blinds people to the day to day effort it takes, and some folks think that to borrow a little here, and take a little there seems without harm to us as a company - but it is harmful, I have just learned to navigate each and every daily avalanche that comes our way.

Even with a lenient landlord and a full support of the cool crowd, he couldn't make a go of it.

Full circle baby, full circle.  Moving on.

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