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Thursday, July 9, 2015

4th of July Weekend in Barryville

Had a good 4th with family around.

You could say the fireworks rave party we had got a little out of control and smokey.

For the first time ever, I made a building better by only subtracting some parts - in this case, tearing off some siding of a 100 yr old shed, exposing the post and beam, and opening an awesome view of the pond and grounds.

Named it Tara, after the Scarlet's Gone with the Wind farm.

It's inaugural party, perfect for a partially rainy day.

Mom, Framed.

The tribe.

Is this legal?

Lucas loves a good costume, and this neck brace, ski helmut and googles and shin guards on the forearms and some far east belt system really takes the cake.

He should really rock it in Wyoming next week at Frontier Days - cowboy boots and hat, belt buckle theme for sure.

 His best friend from birth, our neighbor Theresa.

Still doesnt have the knack of the bike riding thing.

Albert and Justyna taking my roadster for a cruise.

And I stumbled on this tonight in the room above the garage.  i used to love those guys.  #toystory, #tearjerking, #growinguptoofast.


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