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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Catskill Farms ReSales

People always want to know  - or at least it's on there list of questions - about the resale of our homes.  It's always been tough to answer for a few different reasons - first the recession made any sales questions hard to answer, and 2nd, not many families ever try/want to sell them.

Recently however, there have been a few come to the market and they have flown off the shelf at great prices - one literally went in 14 hours, another in 5 weeks, and a 3rd in 6 weeks and another in less than a month.  That's pretty speedy for upstate real estate.  As David Knudsen said a few weeks back, maybe Sullivan County's challenge isn't more wine bars and restaurants, but rather more good houses.  I certainly agree with that, and have found it to be true over and over.

Cottage 9 in Eldred resold by Lazy Meadows Realty.

(since we were repainting it anyways, the new owners got to have their pick of colors).

Cottage 13 in Barryville.

Barn V in Narrowsburg seems to be going into contract - Country House Realty and Lazy Meadows Realty.

Cottage 13 in Eldred NY.  

And then one up Saugerties last year.

Good taste priced right is a pretty good recipe for sure.

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