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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crazy Business

We deal with a lot of money, many times the biggest expenditure of someone's life, so lots of funny things happen along the way, but by in large, things go pretty well.  We are probably pushing $100m in transactions by now.

But sometimes people just really lose control of themselves. like this client who claims we 'took a door' from his house, and now is going to invest hundreds of manhours calling all my clients, most of whom I have zero business with anymore.  And call the police.  I'll keep his name out of it just cause I'm a nice guy.

"So ‎ - assume that you do not have tje intention to return the items taken 
Will notify the authorities 
Also we obtained at county today a  list of all ‎properties sold by Catskill Farms as well as the permits you filed  ( if any) 
Nevertheless, We will start calling them asking for our door since we assume you use this for another project  
Once concluded in Sullivan, we will extend the search to other countries,  
Rest assure we will continue until we find it

Your blog and website is giving us valuable information about each property"

I mean, seriously.  I guess if you're a client you might get a call looking a door.  If you have it, give it back please.

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