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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saugerties Ranch House - SOLD

A Ranch near Woodstock Sold on Friday.

Tight lines and lots of deck.

Cable rail and Pressure treated rail.

Fully finished walk out well lit basement/ground floor.

Profile, in all its glory.

An interior.  Exposed duct, metal post and cable rail, monochromatic white, lightly stained floor, white kitchen, natural open shelves.

The Mud Room extraordinaire.

Out of the kitchen, into the Fire (place).

A wide angle of the main floor.



 One of the bedrooms below, well windowed and well proportioned.

A hanging vanity.

A hanging vanity.

This ground floor, concrete floor space is pretty terrific.  Whitewashed plank walls in one area, and cedar covered walls in another.

Same old cable rail used in a completely new way.  Nice work Pete.

Nice house.  2nd sale of the year.

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