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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Farm 4, North Branch NY, 2004

First, a word from our sponsor, good sport and wingman, Lucas.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting a home we built in 2004 yesterday in anticipation of building a new updated version lake front in New Paltz NY.

It was truly amazing to see one of our early homes up close again, and see the ideas we still work with today in their infancy.  Classic style, creative whimsy, good construction.  Spaces that emote and inspire.

This kitchen benefits from wood walls, reclaimed porch floors as wainscotting, apron sink, wide plank floors.

Plank, white washed ceilings, school house lighting. stained wood with painted white accents, solid core country style doors, classic hardware, clients with great taste and furnishings.  There's FDR up on the fireplace, a part of the deal back in the day.  Most of our homes have an FDR or a Lincoln print hanging around prior to sale.

We used to scour and scrounge for old painted-stressed dressers and apply sinks.  The shabby chic look isn't as popular as it used to be, but still pack a good punch.

The window framed mirror - oldie and goodie.

This salvaged tin ceiling used as wainscotting, white toilet with black seat.  Black and white painted wood floor.

Reclaimed wainscotting, white vertical planks, and a large crown molding.

Views dont hurt.

Painted floors.

Fun door to kitchen pantry.

Good stuff.  Felt good to see.

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