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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Life of Catskill Farms Founder (and others)

Ouch, I don't think I've had such a delay between posts since like, well, since like forever - or at least since I started writing this blog back in old 2007 or something.

Things are busy, I mean like real busy.  We are a well-oiled machine and we are having a hard time just keeping all the inquiries straight.  Building a house seems simple when compared to reading, sorting, prioritizing all the folks interested in what we are doing.

Cooking with gas as they say.

Quick wrap up -

Mountain Biking in Moab Utah with some boys.

Lucas' first year of baseball.

Traded him two pieces of brocoli for a nerf machine gun.

got a sweet new farm dog and we named it lulu (if it turned out to be a boy, we figured LouLou would work).

Sold a few homes.

40 mile 5 Boro Bike Ride.

In the cold rain...

 Threw a dinner party ...

ate a cupcake before the guests arrived.

Planned a European road trip this summer with Lucas.

Laid out a house in the woods with the Cunninghams in Gardiner.

This guy below, George Billard, is running around town telling every one the new gas infrastructure being built nearby will 'destroy our community and our way of life."

Said the same thing about the Dollar General Store that just opened.  Lucas and I were the first ones in when they opened.  Big news for a small town.  Bought our nerf machine gun there.

Country living.

Geese come back every year to start this years family.  This year they started with 7 and seemed to have finished with 7,

Friend of mine's bike.

friend of mines barn.

Biggest Facebook post ever, with 1400 post likes, 200 shares, and 200 comments, and pushed our page likes past 5300 (but who's counting such silly things).


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