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Friday, September 2, 2016

Sullivan County New York Real Estate

Catskill Farms' digital strategy has come a long way since we sold Farm 5 and Deb and I were so country we couldn't figure out how to draw a signature line on a word doc so we used a ruler, drew it in, and then photocopied it to erase the traces of the shortcut.

Google organic search, google pay per clicks, link building, brand building, social media - all a constant effort of maintenance and improvement.  Very easy to do a lot of social media poorly, so we've done our best to do a few things well (janis joplin anyone?)

So currently we are working on improving our organic search rankings for keywords like catskills real estate, sullivan county new york real estate and ulster county new york real estate - some of the big ticket ways our big data has shown us that our future clients begin their upstate quest.

The data and analytics available to measure the progress of our efforts are pretty cool, though it's easy to think the data shows one thing, when it doesn't or actually does show that thing but for reasons other than you think.  

Very simple to waste money in digital advertising, and I think we have a real competitive advantage with our knowledge and persistence.

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