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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cottages in Ulster County and Sullivan County Real Estate

Our Ulster County real estate and Sullivan County real estate Cottage Series provides our clients with a down-sized, super fun and livable Catskill home in which to live and play. 1000 sq ft to 1400 sq ft, these 2 bedroom winners have been selling for Catskill Farms like hotcakes since 2006.

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Catskill Farms designs, builds and sells homes and Real estate in Sullivan County, real estate in Ulster County and real estate in Dutchess County. The homes of Catskill Farms tend work, look great, are fully warrantied and have a sort of timeless design. Catskills real estate available for purchase has been undoubtedly improved by the 100 homes this premier Catskills Builder has dreamed up and built since 2001.

Catskills realtors love selling these homes of Catskill Farms homes for sale in the Catskills since their buyers tend to be inspired by them after the long slog at looking at homes that don’t meet the buyers’ criteria. Wasting weekends looking at uninspiring catskills architecture can leave a buyer looking for the nearest bridge to jump from.

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