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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Stone Ridge Farmhouse with Catskill Views (Ulster County Real Estate)

The Homes of Catskill Farms are engineered to be as energy efficient as a home can be. Enhanced insulation paves the way for superior performance from our high efficiency furnaces and on-demand hot water heaters. Many of our homes now have heat pumps for their heating source, eliminating the need for gas or oil as a fuel source.

The small towns of Ulster County offer beauty, amenities and charm in abundance.  They offer film festivals and live music. The hamlets and towns that anchor the surrounding land we curate and select for our homes make Ulster County real estate some of the best around for fun, food and festivities (or, if you are like us, backyard siestas and hammocks rank right up there). 

Click here to read more about Ulster County Real Estate. Catskill Real Estate at its finest.

 From our farmhouse, barn, mid-century ranch or the cottage series – the construction of our homes maintains a constant exemplary quality that fulfills every time. Our homes work. They are built strong and do not need that recurring upkeep and maintenance that you see with non-Catskill Farms homes. For those that have looked at fixer uppers- save yourself the head/ heartache and forget it! For those interested in fully customizing your home, our design process is adjustable and our interior designer works directly with the client to ensure the home becomes what dreams are made of. We combine some modern aesthetics and useful technologies with natural salvaged wood textures, big country porches and all of the greatest rural feels… The result is a timeless artwork. It’s an honor to deliver lovers of the country-lifestyle the reliable, beautiful country home that had been missing from their lives. Whether a getaway or a full-time residence, you will enjoy every moment inside a Catskill Farms constructed new old home. The real estate of Sullivan County, the Ulster County real estate and the Dutchess County real estate have been left with such an important imprint since we’ve begun building homes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley. Time and time again, we have given these Upstate New York locations the architecture and design that not only fits, but augments the surrounding beauty of these locales. Every happy family is a reminder why we do what we do… and that’s making dreams come true.

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